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 iExtend: Process and Features
  The iExtend System
The design of every iExtend system revolves around nine key points. Since every company has unique requirements, these questions help determine how the iExtend system can best fit into your organization. Here's what we need to know:
1. Audience  Who Are Your Primary Users?
  AudienceWill your sales reps be in charge of using the iExtend system, or will the system support brokers, distributors and end-users as well? Will you encourage retail outlets to build their own POS? You can set access for any of these groups, and we can tailor the system to their needs.
2. Template Design  What pieces do you need?
  Each template in the iExtend system is fully customizable. The iExtend system offers a list of commonly built templates; everything from a simple postcard to a sophisticated 16-page brochure. While you may choose to create a template not seen in the iExtend system before, here is a sample list.

Choose from:
Specialty Menus
Counter Cards
Table Tents

Choose from:
Multi-page brochures
Sell Sheets
Choose from:
Post Cards
Rebate Forms
3. Layout  How Should Your Formats Be Designed?
  Layout DesignDetermine the layout for each template Format. Work with iMarlin to design layouts that meet your needs. We can also provide guidance to your design team to ensure that all new layouts fit within the iExtend system.
4. Customization  What Do You Want To Edit?
  By using pre-designed templates, the iExtend system allows users to focus on content. Almost every aspect of a project can be edited. You determine the level of complexity. Here are some possibilities:
  • Select from a product database
  • Edit address/contact information
  • Show or hide logos
  • Add distributor product codes 
  • Add pricing
  • Select a featured item
  • Select headlines
  • Edit promotional copy
  • Personalize projects with custom mailing lists
  • Select banner graphics
  • Custom fonts
5. Artwork and Copy  Digital Formats?
  ArtworkIf your iExtend system includes product photos or other artwork, they need to be supplied in a high-resolution CMYK digital format. TIFF and EPS files typically work well. For the highest quality printing, we don't recommend low resolution images, or those saved as JPEGs. If your project has special requirements, the iExtend project manager can provide more information.
6. End-User Payment  Set Up Accounts / Credit?
  Printing and shipping expenses can be paid by credit card via our secure checkout system, or by debit account using credit limits that you determine.
7. Reports  Who's Accessing the system?
  Four levels of user access privileges are available through the iExtend system. Real-time information is available about each user's level of activity. Debit accounts for printing can be established and updated as necessary.
8. Scheduling  How Soon Can We Be Online?
  ScheduleAfter all content elements have been gathered, it takes approximately seven weeks after client approval of template designs for iExtend programming and customization to be completed. Track progress of your iExtend system via the development server.
9. iPromoter  How Do We Announce the Launch?
  To accompany the launch of an iExtend system, specialized promotions are available. Simply provide e-mail addresses for targeted end-users.
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The iExtend System
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